Power of “Thank you”


On 27th November 2021, I had a terrible Car Accident, which I survived dramatically with no significant physical damages. But that also created an urge to deliver all the words I wanted to say. For a long time, I could say nothing or write. The reason was being lazy and shy. Then the thought emerges – it is best to share my thoughts and words before it becomes too late. The statements might not be very well written, but they will be understandable to you. And I hope you will be kind enough to excuse me for it.

Lately (maybe years), I have wanted to show my gratitude to all the people I encounter in my everyday life. I do not know why, but it was growing inside me. I thought of writing an email or sending short messages and saying “Thank you” to anybody.

There was a time when I was saying thank you to everyone. Especially the Rickshaw pullers, cleaners, street vendors – the people who are doing not respectable jobs in the eyes of society (in Bangladesh). It surprised them to listen to it. And then I saw the immediate reaction of those people – a pleased smile on their faces. And the facial expression can be interpreted as “an oasis in the desert”. That made my day; I felt joy and calmness inside me.

They never expected to listen, thank you. Because it has been assumed, nobody can be kind enough to show kindness or empathy towards them. We also think they are doing their job, and for that, I am paying money, so why should I thank them?

Time passes by, and slowly I forget to thank people. I should have done that to everyone. Recently I was working in amazon’s warehouse. There is some middle to old age guys working with different backgrounds. Some were assigned to bring cartons to the packing stations, while others packaged the articles for delivery. They are kind of invisible unless they ask you what types of cartons do you need? I noticed nobody was saying thank you to them. Basically, nobody says anything to anyone – only must work fast told by the team-lead. If they were busy in other places and needed cartons, I had to bring them myself. So I always felt thankful to them when they filled up my workstation with the cartons. I decided to thank them and do that every time they bring cartons to my station. It was kind of going back to my old practice. They were also giving a friendly smile back to me, and following days, they were the ones who nodded their heads and said hello to me every time we came across.

After the long break (because of the accident), they asked why I was not there for a long time when I went back to work. It surprised me. Thousands of people are working, I could be any other station. But they knew I was not there. Interestingly, that was the first conversation in months since I first saw them or said thank you, explaining my absence to work. They delighted me by asking this empathetic question. I was pleased! No other people talked to me or maybe noticed I was not there for a period.

Suddenly I realised the immense beauty and power of thank you. And I decided to share that with you in the following paragraphs. So thank you again for still keeping your attention.

Power of “Thank you”

I think you already understood why? Nevertheless, I will try to explain my thoughts to be clear for myself and you.

Saying “thank you” is a captivating way to brush the slate clean. Saying “thank you” is a gift of gratitude and forgiveness. Saying “thank you” is a turning point between letting go of what has happened and accepting what is to come.

Saying “thank you” is a magnificent way to assert yourself.

Maybe that’s why saying “thank you” is so convincing because it acknowledges that I am an adult. Even though you may not have enjoyed getting to where you are today, it is an acknowledgement of their role in making you who you are today. “Thank you,” says, “I am happy the way I am and the way things have turned out”. “Thank you” is the vulnerability that dispels and overcomes shame.

When you say “thank you”, sadness suddenly turns growth and pain into prospects. Being grateful for what you have been through brings you into the present moment. It helps you stay thankful for where you have ended up on the other side.

“Thank you” – that is self-love. The wave of compassion sent from within acknowledges the strength it took to overcome the difficulties and demands to get where you are today. Brick by brick, you have built a stronger foundation to value your past and embrace the future. And this house of power was founded with little gratitude pebbles that say “thank you”.

By saying “thank you,” you show you value and respect what connects everything.

Whether it’s a cashier at the supermarket, an unfriendly waiter at the restaurant, your former boss or an ex you really loved, or your parents, siblings or relatives saying “thank you” shows that you recognise the value of a situation or person in your life.

It is a great show of respect because it shows that you value that person’s presence. So the expression “thank you” in this context finally realises the humanness of all things. Appreciating others in this way is also a way to give yourself dignity – understanding that we are all the same human beings.

It is also a mighty sign of something greater, braver and more magnificent than you can imagine. Because it shows that you understand that there are human connections you can’t control but that you still find beautiful.

Saying “thank you” opens the door to possibilities.

There is no better form of acceptance than the word “thank you”. Being grateful – and truly sincere – is a shift of energy that brings new and exciting things into your life because it shows that you are ready to receive them. Gratitude opens a little door in your heart that you once kept closed. And when that door is unlocked and opened, you can choose your adventure. It is possible to start again and potentially move in any positive direction you can think.

“Thank you” is the magic word to unlock your true potential. All you have to do is realise that you have always had power within you.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this article!

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