Eight Years


Saturday came with cloudy skies,
As we sat down for dinner, eyes met with lies,
You said you couldn’t love me anymore,
My heart broke as I hit the floor.

You told me I was lost from you,
That I didn’t know what love could do,
But oh, how wrong you were, my dear,
My love for you will always be near.

I remember that day so well,
When our love story fell,
You said it was the end,
And I couldn’t comprehend.

Eight years of love and laughter,
Now it’s gone, and it’s a disaster,
Our love was like a beautiful song,
But now it’s over, and the melody’s gone.

You said we could only be friends,
But my heartache never ends,
Living without you seem too much,
Be that as it may –
I’ll try to move on and such.

Our playhouse of love is no more,
But my heart will always adore,
The memories we made together,
Even though we’re not forever.

-Nadir 18.04.2023